During week 5 and 6, I did some research on Regular expression flavors with more focus on the PCRE2 library. We have been able to setup a functional filter and its time we start adding support for our regex patterns to the filter.  First our filter only has the string concatenation example and we need to make this better by hard coding it in the filter such that we won’t need any configurations. An approach is to write a stand alone C program that uses the PCRE2 library and accepts SQL queries from stdin and executes them against a MariaDB server. This program equally uses the PCRE2 library to match our concatenation regex  against the SQL query and does the necessary substitution. With this setup, we can subsequenty add support for other regex patterns that need to be matched as well. So our next milestone is to write this stand alone program which we will later modify to add into our filter queryRoute method.


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